Solar Powered Scaffold Alarm

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Ready programmed 4 zone solar powered scaffold alarm system with video verification

This solar powered scaffold alarm is easy to deploy. It comes with scaffold fitting mounts on the main control panel, siren and solar panel. The detectors are secured with cable ties, metal or plastic. Each detector covers an area of 12-15 meters x 90 degrees and comes with a built-in camera for video verification. If the four cameras are attached to the corners of a square building on the outside standards this system could cover a scaffold of up to 30m x 30m x 30m x 30m or a straight rum of 60m (single boarded lift)

You / your clients can set and unset the system from their mobile phones. The system can also be set up to automatically set and unset on a schedule.

With this solar powered scaffold alarm alarm activations are sent to the users mobile phones or tablets. The Ajax app will generate a alarm tone and popup banner similar to a text / WhatsApp massage. Once this message is clicked a video clip of what caused the alarm will be displayed. The user, if authorised to, can also request images from the built-in camera of each sensor. This is ideal for the main contractor who wants to check on the progress of a job without visiting site every day.

Full audit trail at a glance. A complete list of activations, including camera number is displayed in the notifications tab along with arm and disarm activity including user names. This is great for tracking arrival and departure of trades.


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